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The Genomics Core provides sample prep services from total RNA provided by our customers. For standard poly A RNASeq, we use NEBNext ultra II directional library prep kit (input 10ng – 1ug total RNA). Kits from other manufacturers can be used upon request. Input amounts are 100ng to 1ug total RNA in a volume of 50ul RNAse free water. These are minimums for one library with no repeat or QC. We recommend at least 2x this amount to provide additional RNA for Bioanalyzer analysis and repeats if required. Up to 96 barcodes are possible with the available amplification primers. We can also provide pooling of libraries for sequencing. For prices per library see our price list.

We do not offer specific RNA purification protocols because we encounter preps from many non-human organisms and labs typically have experience with RNA extraction. However, we can assist with checking the quality of your RNA using the Bioanalyzer or Fragment Analyzer.  If you have questions about RNA for your specific organism please feel free to contact us.


For standard DNASeq libraries we use the NEBNext Ultra Ultra II library prep kit (input 0.5ng – 1ug sheared DNA in a final volume of 50ul TE). For shearing, we recommend the Corvaris. As with RNASeq up to 96 barcodes are available.  Kits from other manufacturers can be used upon request.

Other Library Types

RNASeq and DNASeq are the most common libraries we make, but we can do other preps as well. Please contact the Genomics Core staff by email ( if you are contemplating other library types.


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