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Nanodrop ND-1000 and  2000c Spectrophotometers

(user operated)

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Nanodrop ND-1000
Nanodrop 2000c


  • These are very popular instrument that permit the quantification of nucleic acids and proteins from very small volumes (2ul).
  • Samples are held in place by surface tension so no cuvettes are needed.
  • A full spectrum can be generated to see absorbance peaks and to obtain A260/280 for example.
  • The Nanodrop 2000c can also read a 1ml cuvette.
  • The instruments are very simple to operate with user-friendly software and a printed report.
  • The instruments are capable of reading a very broad range of concentrations (2 to 700ng/ml) without dilution, which is much broader than typical spectrophotometers.
  • Although the Nanodrops are advertised as sensitive to 2ng/ml, they are not particularly accurate at such low concentrations. For samples below about 20ng/ul we would recommend the Qubit reader. It is more sensitive and is not affected by UV absorbing materials such as free nucleotides or phenol that can result in an overestimation for DNA or RNA.
  • The instrument is available to users for a modest time-based fee.
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