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Sage Scientific Blue Pippin for DNA Size Selection

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Sage-Scientific Blue Pippin


  • This instrument can used by customers to precisely size select DNA fragments of desired length.
  • Computer controlled electrophoresis and sample gating permit fragments from about 90bp up to more than 50Kb to be isolated.
  • For DNA size selection samples are run on a cassette containing agarose gel.
  • The primary application of size selection of DNA is for preparing samples for Illumina and PacBio sequencing. DNA fragments can either be size selected prior to library prep or completed libraries can be size selected to remove primer dimers and other undesirable products.
  • Uses can also include miRNA isolation.


  • For DNA size selection cassettes are available from 0.75% to 3%. Gels can be stained or unstained and with or without internal size standards. We typically use unstained gels with internal standard for Illumina sample prep.
  • The Blue Pippin has both standard and pulse field electrophoresis capability permitting a large range of fragment size selection.
  • Cassettes can run up to 5 samples. Unused sample lanes can be used at a later time in some cases.
  • Gel cassettes available are:
    • 3% agarose   100-250bp isolation
    • 2.5% agarose  100-600bp
    • 1.5% agarose  250bp – 1.5Kb
    • 0.75% agarose  1 – 50Kb
  • For protein size selection there are special 3% and 5% agarose gels run with 0.1% SDS.
  • For more information on available gel cassettes, please see the Sage Scientific website.
  • User manual can be downloaded from here.  A cassette reference guide can be downloaded here.


Training and Supplies

  • Prior to usage customers may contact the Genomics Core to arrange instrument training although the supplied manuals are very useful.
  • Please note that we charge per usage which includes one cassette which will run 5 samples.
  • Note that we do not stock all cassette types. We stock the most popular which are 1.5% and 2% dye-free. We may also have 0.75% available. If you anticipate only occasional usage of an uncommon cassette, we may ask that you purchase the cassettes.
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