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Illumina NextSeq500 DNA Sequencer
Illumina NextSeq DNA Sequencer (operated by Core Staff)

The NextSeq is one of the newest sequencers from Illumina which is designed for greater read depth and fast sample processing. The NextSeq is one of the next generation of sequencers that will replace the HiSeq series in the coming years. The Genomics Core operates two of these instruments. It combines the rapid sequencing times of the MiSeq with high sequence output per run. The NextSeq 500 runs one sample at a time using a one lane flowcell. However, the flowcell lane is capable of yielding 400 million+ reads per run. This means higher multiplex levels and reduced cost per base. The sequencer can provide 1x75bp, 1x150bp, 2x75bp and 2x150bp outputs. There is also mid-output sequencing kits that provide up at a maximum of about 130 million reads per run. One sample per run and very rapid cycle times means no wait time to fill eight-lane flowcells as on the HiSeq and shorter sample processing times. The NextSeq500 is ideal for small or mid-sized projects with multiplexed samples. The most common research applications for this instrument are similar to those of the HiSeq series.

  • Whole Genome sequencing/re-sequencing
  • Genome-wide detection of SNPs and mutations
  • DNA methylation profiling
  • RNA expression profiling
  • Small RNA profiling and discovery
  • DNA protein interactions (ChIP sequencing)
  • The instrument utilizes a four lane flow cell which are combined as a single sequencing lane.
  • Sequencing times are very rapid with run times of 11 hours (75bp single read) to 26 hours (300bp paired-end read). 
  • The NextSeq has a variety of different sequencing kits available including:
    • 75bp single read high output (400 million+ reads)
    • 75bp paired-end read high output
    • 150bo paired-end read high output
    • 75bp paired-end mid output (130 million+ reads)
    • 150bp paired-end read mid output
  • The single lane flow cell is capable of generating 400 million+ sequence reads per lane passing filter. We routinely exceed 500 million reads pass filter per run.
  • Paired-end sequencing permits fragments to be sequenced from both ends, approximately doubling the output of sequence data and aiding in assembly of genomes.
  • For questions about projects you are considering, pricing, or the submission process please contact the Genomics Core staff.


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