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Promega 20/20 Single-Tube Luminometer (user operated)

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Promega 20/20 Single-Tube Luminometer


  • The instrument has a simple touch screen control and interface.
  • The instrument has dual injectors that can function for endpoint or kinetic assays.
  • The instrument is capable of fluorescence measurements using a fluorescence module.

Training & Manuals

  • The instrument is simple to use. There is a quick guide next to the instrument and training can be provided on an individual basis by Core staff.
  • This instrument can read 1ml microfuge-sized tubes using an adaptor.
  • The luminometer is operated from the keypad. However, it is connected to a laptop computer which permits the automatic capture of data in an Excel table format for easy analysis.
  • The instruction manual for the 20/20 luminometer can be downloaded here.
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