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Diagenode Bioruptor Standard Waterbath Sonicator

Diagenode Bioruptor Standard Waterbath Sonicator


  • This instrument can be used for shearing DNA in preparation for Illumina sequencing and other applications, although for the best control with no heating of samples, we advise using the Covaris S220 instrument.
  • This instrument is cheaper to use than the Covaris which uses special tubes. While not a controllable, it can be a lower cost alternative for shearing lots of samples.
  • Other applications of this water bath sonicator include protein preparation.


  • The instrument is a water bath sonicator that has a timer permitting the cycling on and off of power. This permits time for samples to cool.
  • The Bioruptor can accept tubes from 1 ml microfuge up to 15 ml.
  • It is advisable to use the 1 ml tubes supplied by Diaginode for optimum shearing. Tubes are supplied and are next to the instrument.


Training, Rates & Reservations

  • Prior to usage, customers may contact the Genomics Core staff to arrange instrument training if needed. However, it is a simple instrument to operate.
  • The user manual can be downloaded here.
  • This sonicator can quickly heat the water bath!  It is advisable to chill the water bath with ice prior to usage and re-cool the water at least every 5 minutes to prevent heating of samples.
  • For pricing see our Rates page.
  • To reserve time see our IIGB Reservation and Billing site.



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