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Affymetrix GeneChip Workstation Applications

Affymetrix GeneChip Workstation

(operated by Core Staff)

  • The workstation is utilized for services provided by the Genomics Core for Affymetrix gene chip hybridization, washing, and scanning.
  • This is a service provided by Core staff and the equipment is not available for customer use.
  • The Core maintains hybridization oven 640 for chip hybridization.
  • The Core maintains a Fluidics Station 450 for staining and washing.
  • The Core maintains a Scanner 3000 with upgrade for tiling arrays.

Rates and Reservations

  • We offer a range of Affymetrix services, including one and two-cycle probe preparation, hybridization and scanning with basic quality control.
  • See ThermoFisher for more details on available chips and analysis by the Core.
  • For pricing see our Rates page.
  • To request this service see our Reservation and Billing site where an on line submission form is located.
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