Typhoon 9410 GE Healthcare
(user operated)

Typhoon 9410 GE Healthcare
  • The instrument can image in three different modes, including phosphorescence (phosphoimager), fluorescence, and chemiluminescence (Western blot reagents for example).
  • It is also possible to scan in the visible range using reflected light.
  • Scanning resolution ranges from 1000um down to 10um.
  • Scanning software is linked to ImageQuant TL 7.0 analysis software.
  • ImageQuant is capable of quantifying Typhoon images such as those from Northern or Western blots.
  • Images can be saved in various formats, including tif. Thesecan be imported into Powerpoint slides.
  • The instrument has three excitation lasers (532nm, 633nm, 488nm)
  • The instrument utilizes 536SP, 670BP, 520BP emission filters for fluorescence
Technical Tips
  • The Core offers imaging cassettes and phosphoimager screens for loan at no cost; however, they must be returned within 2 days and only one screen/cassette is allowed per user at a time.
  • Due the demand for these screens, you may be charged if overdue or not returned.
  • Although phosphoimager screens exposed to radioactivity may be imaged, NO sources of radiation such as blots or gels are allowed in the Genomics Core. Please review the “Typhoon Usage Policies Regarding Radioactive Sources.”
  • A modest time-based fee is charged for instrument usage.