All equipment for general usage by core customers can be reserved online at the IIGB Instrumentation Facilities Services and Billing site. If you wish to use a specific piece of equipment that is for general usage and not at the reservation site such as incubators, pipettes or robotic equipment, please consult with the Genomics Core staff. Please make such requests at least 24 hrs ahead of time since many items are in daily use by the Core.

Sequencing services. When requesting Sanger DNA sequencing services, please follow guidelines for submission of samples that are posted at this website. Online submissions forms are available at the IIGB Instrumentation Reservation and Billing site. Proper tubes or plates as well as proper labeling are important so that your samples are not lost or mislabeled. For trouble-shooting of DNA sequencing problems please see section VII Trouble Shooting on our website. For Illumina and PacBio sequencing or other issues, please email the Genomics Core staff for assistance.

New to a piece of equipment? If you have not used a specific piece of equipment, please ask our staff for assistance at any time during the day. We provide training on an individual basis. In addition, user manuals and instructions are adjacent to most equipment for your reference.

After hours usage and security. All users of the core facilities are issued key fobs for the security system providing 24/7 access to equipment. YOU are a key part of our security system. Never prop open internal or external doors or leave them ajar even for a brief time. Never admit anyone who does not have a fob, especially a stranger. If you see someone acting suspiciously or who does not seem to belong after hours call UCR police right away. Theft or vandalism could have a major impact on your research and that of many others at UCR.It is critical that any devices that use either lasers (Typhoon imager) or other light sources (qPCR systems) be shut off after use. This extends the lifetime of their light sources.

Laboratory safety. All users of the core facilities who are issued fobs must have taken appropriate laboratory safety instruction and wear proper laboratory protection including labs coats and gloves. All PIs who sign for key fobs are responsible for the proper training of their students and staff. Do not handle doors or equipment with gloves on. While you are protected, you may expose your colleagues to whatever is on your gloves.

Radioactive sources. We do not permit any radioactive sources in the Genomics Core. For phosporimaging, remove all radioactive blots or gels in your home lab prior to bring the imaging screens to the Core. We monitor regularly for radioactivity near the Typhoon phosphorimager. However, we all have a responsibility for the safety of our colleagues who may be unaware of exposure. No radioactive sources in the Genomics Core.

New and existing equipment. If you notice that a piece of equipment is malfunctioning or in need of care, please let the Genomics Core staff know right away.  With so much equipment it is likely that you will notice an issue before we do. We can only address issues that we are aware of. So please let us know directly or by email (! We get many requests to purchase new equipment and/or offer new services. If you would like us to purchase a new piece of equipment or offer a new service, we are very interested in discussing this with you and are open to all possibilities. But please do your part by considering the following points. Is this a piece of equipment or a service that others across campus will use or would it benefit only one lab or a very limited group? If you feel that a piece of equipment or service is desirable in the Genomics Core, please speak to your colleagues and find out if there really is broad interest. Please remember that our goal is to use our available human and dollar resources to serve as many users as possible across campus.