Inst. of Genomics Core Instrumentation Facility    
Sales and Service Rate Schedule FY 2018-19
SERVICESFY19 Internal RateFY19 Edu RateFY19 Commercial RatesUnit Type
Advanced Analytics Fragment Analyzer (per 12 samples)4954.8875.95/ per 12 sample
Affymetrix GeneChip Service, 3'IVT Express Kit Assay287.94322.49446.307/ job
Affymetrix workstation1.61.7922.48/ hour
Bioanalyzer - RNA Pico/Nano***NEW***505677.5/run
Bioanalyzer - DNA**NEW***5561.685.25/run
Bioanalyzer - Small RNA***NEW***6269.4496.1/run
Bioanalyzer - DNA HS***NEW***7179.52110.05/run
Bioanalyzer per Sample RNA Pico/Nano***NEW***55.67.75/ sample
Bioanalyzer per Sample DNA***NEW***66.729.3/ sample
Bioanalyzer per Sample DNA HS***NEW***77.8410.85/ sample
Bioinformatics Data Analysis***NEW***5157.1279.05/ hour
Biorad Gel Doc EZ 66.729.3/ hour
Bioruptor (sonicator for DNA shearing)1011.215.5/ hour
Block shaker (96 well ) 55.67.75/ service
Blue Pippin(DNA/RNA size selection)6067.293/ 3 hours
Combinatorial Library 2022.431/ 100 compounds
Consultation Charge 505677.5/ hour
Corvaris Ultra Sonicator 8.59.5213.175/ usage
eGEL System 1415.6821.7/ hour
Exome Sequencing***NEW***275308426.25/ sample
Genome Sequencing***NEW***110012321705/ sample
Genomics Entry key FOBs5.5NANA/ FOB
HiSeq High Yield 50bp single end11871329.441839.85/ lane
HiSeq High Yield 100bp single end15051685.62332.75/ lane
HiSeq High Yield 50bp paired end180020162790/ lane
HiSeq High Yield 100bp paired end23862672.323698.3/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 50bp single end14141583.682191.7/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 100bp single end16061798.722489.3/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 150bp single end16941897.282625.7/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 250bp single end33933800.165259.15/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 50bp paired end19542188.483028.7/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 100bp paired end20462291.523171.3/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 150bp paired end26152928.84053.25/ lane
HiSeq Rapid 250bp paired end36524090.245660.6/ lane
Library Bead Clean Up***NEW***1011.215.5/ library
Library Pooling44.486.2/ library
Library Prep - DNA***Decreased505677.5/ library
Library Prep - Nextera233260.96361.15/ library
Library Prep - RNASeq***Decreased505677.5/ library
Library Prep - Small RNA296331.52458.8/ library
Luminometer - Promega Multi+ Reader w/ dual injectors1011.215.5/ hour
Luminometer Turner 66.729.3/ hour
MiSeq 50bp single end942.751055.881461.2625/ lane
MiSeq 150bp (75 bp paired end)10461171.521621.3/ lane
MiSeq 300bp (150 bp paired end)1170.71311.1841814.585/ lane
MiSeq 500bp (250 bp paired end)1274.651427.6081975.7075/ lane
MiSeq 600bp (300 bp paired end)16361832.322535.8/ lane
MiSeq Micro V2 (300 cycles)580649.6899/ lane
MiSeq Nano V2 (300 cycles)430481.6666.5/ lane
MiSeq Nano v2 (500 cycles)490548.8759.5/ lane
Nanodrop spectrophotometer***Unit Change/Price Change0.10.1120.155/ sample
NextSeq High Output 75bp Single End***16981901.762631.9/ lane
NextSeq High Output 150bp Single End28653208.84440.75/ lane
NextSeq High Output 75bp Paired End28653208.84440.75/ lane
NextSeq High Output 150bp Paired End***Decrease***420047046510/ lane
NextSeq Mid Output 150bp Single End1318.241476.42882043.272/ lane
NextSeq Mid Output 75bp Paired End1318.241476.42882043.272/ lane
NextSeq Mid Output 150bp Paired End2022.722265.44643135.216/ lane
NextSeq 75bp Single End - Cost 1% per Flowcell***NEW***2022.431/ lane
NextSeq 150bp Single / 75 Paired End - Cost 1% per Flowcell***NEW***3033.646.5/ lane
NextSeq 150bp Paired End - Cost 1% per Flowcell***NEW***4550.469.75/ lane
Pac Bio RSII SMRT Library prep***Decreased175196271.25/ library
Pac Bio RSII SMRT Initial Rate (4 SMRT cell)***NEW***130014562015/4 samples
Pac Bio RSII SMRT sequencing (per SMRT cell)***Decreased150168232.5/sample
Phosphore Screen Rental***NEW***22.243.1/day
Plate - Seq reaction + DNA Seq., 48 or more44.486.2/ sample
Q-PCR7.888.825612.214/ hour
qPCR Library Quantification ***NEW***1011.215.5/ sample
qPCR optical sealers12.213.66418.91/ order (10 min)
qPCR plate15.217.02423.56/ order (5 min)
qPCR reagent (iScript SM)4348.1666.65/ order (10 min)
qPCR reagent (Sso Adv)55.67.75/ order (10 min)
qPCR reagent (SYBR SM) 11.612.99217.98/ order (10 min)
Qubit Fluorometer(nucleic acid/ protein quantification)0.80.8961.24/ sample
Scanner - Genepix and Scan Array22.324.97634.565/ sample
Specialized Chemical Libraries 3033.646.5/10 Chemical compound
Surcharge2022.431/ instance
Tube - Seq reaction + DNA Seq4.755.327.3625/ sample
Typhoon Fluorescence imager88.9612.4/ hour
Workshops252538.75/ hour
*services shown as price per plate (96 units)82total services
for FY19
Approved : 1-18-2019
Effective : 2-1-2019
Plate - Plasmid Prep + DNA Seq, 1-dir/plate 471.36527.9232730.608/ plate
Plate - Plasmid Prep + DNA Seq, 2-dir/plate748.8838.6561160.64/ plate
Plate - Plasmid Prep Only 254.4284.928394.32/ plate